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“There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.” ― Frank Serafini

Cape and Cowl is committed to supporting the Bedford-Sackville Community and their families through a literacy program that offers a high level of engagement and a balanced approach to literacy. Within a small group setting, each student attending will become immersed in literature that is engaging, exciting, and offers a springboard for word work in a meaningful context while reading for pleasure.

The use of graphic novels provides a unique tool to improve students’ literacy and prepare them for future success:

Including graphics with texts helps students encode information more readily, improving their reading comprehension and vocabulary development.

When images are used alongside text, students can more easily understand the meaning of the text, as well as retain elements of the story. Often, students’ self-esteem can be diminished by difficulties in reading and writing, which can be a factor in deciding to later drop out of school. By providing students with exciting tools to increase reading skills, they can build confidence for the future.

Graphic novels can motivate and engage youth, particularly among reluctant readers.

Using popular literacy materials that are interesting to students and part of their culture demonstrates to the students that their lives and interests are acknowledged and respected. Grouping graphic novels with comics and drawing books can form a magnet for reluctant readers.

Graphic novels can be used to improve traditional literacy, as well as be valued as its own form of reading, with its own benefits.

The popularity of graphic novels—and the use of them as a learning tool—has been steadily increasing and accepted among educators. The combination of traditional and visual literacies in  graphic novels can help students better grasp plot, character, theme and other story elements through visual cues that aid comprehension.

Information on graphic novels adapted from Healthy Teen Network, July 16, 2013


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