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Local Comic Book Store is Helping Kids Learn to Read

SACKVILLE – Jay Roy owns Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles in Lower Sackville. He’s using his passion for comic books to help kids learn to read.

“Comics are a great way to help kids learn how to read because they have visuals and if you have a visual along with the words, it’s going to help their comprehension. It’s going to boost their confidence,” says Roy.

The literacy program at Cape and Cowl will aim to engage kids in learning that is exciting and fun. Roy says that using graphic novels and comics as learning tools can motivate youths to hit the books. Read More…

Entrepreneurship in Action

Learning from some successful CEEDlings!

Safe Space Day – #MakeTodayMatter

Check out the video: http://youtu.be/ZlNFvg-1KxA

Diane is the director for program planning for her local school board and an active part of her community. She understands the challenges of the LGBT community and has witnessed her son Jay encounter challenges when transitioning from female to male. When she had the opportunity to Make Today Matter, Diane wanted to help her son create one of the first Safe Spaces in her local community – an inclusive gathering place for members of the LGBT community to express themselves without fear of prejudice or discrimination.
Read More…

Shelf Life: Nerds invade Lower Sackville

A new store in Sackville promises to make so-called geek and nerd culture the new cool.

With comic book and gaming shops popping up across the city, owner Jay Aaron Roy said he is proud to offer enthusiasts outside the downtown core the opportunity to shop and connect. The shop also welcomes items on consignment and soon will add a literacy program that uses comic books to help foster the joy of reading.

Roy, a co-founder of the popular podcast-turned-live comedy show Geeks versus Nerds, previously worked at Strange Adventures in downtown Halifax and said the shop had a large following of rural customers. Read More…

Comic Book Community to the Rescue

If you’re an avid reader of the Herald Community, you’re probably aware that a new comic book and collectibles store with a focus on literacy and community outreach is ready to open its doors very soon. Though the store has already been funded, friends and well-wishers of the store’s owner, Jay Aaron Roy, are planning to make sure it has the best head start it can get.

During the summer, an Indiegogo campaign was launched to help raise the $10,000 Roy would need to open Cape & Cowl Comics and Collectables in Lower Sackville. The campaign was flex funded, so while the full $10,000 was not raised, $2,395 was raised towards helping Roy reach his goal. Read More…

Business Beat: When a Business is More than a Business

Sackville Drive will soon have a comic book store when budding entrepreneur Jay Aaron Roy gets his wish.

“I love comic books, always have, always been a geek, I’m the director of Geeks VS Nerds as well, so I’ve always been involved with that community,” Roy said at Humani-T Café in Halifax. “I worked at Strange Adventures for almost five years and loved it, but when they moved from Sackville Street to Lower Water Street, it was too expensive and I got laid off.”

That pushed Roy into employment insurance, but that opened up a new door from him. Read More…

Big Things Planned for Upcoming Comic Shop

The new Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles shop is trying to raise funds to open in Bedford, and gives us the rundown on what they’re up to this weekend. Read More…

New Biz Alert! Cape And Cowl Comics Headed For #Sackville!

Cool! Cape & Cowl is headed for Sackville. It’s always nice to see something different being offered up here in the ‘Sack. They should do quite well here. Check the link to their website below for more info!

Quickie comics quiz: Can you name any other comics stores that have been in Sackville? I can think of one for sure… Read More…

Cape and Cowl Crusader

If you’re a nerd in Halifax, you’ve probably heard of Jay Aaron Roy. He’s the director of popular podcast and live comedy show Geeks versus Nerds. If you thought he couldn’t get any nerdier, think again: now he’s opening a comic book store.

The shop, called Cape and Cowl, is slated to open this summer in the Bedford-Sackville area—which currently suffers from a dearth of comic book and other nerdy collectible retailers.

Roy hopes he can cater not only to suburban customers, but that he’ll become the city’s collectible toy expert. Read More…


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Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles

From the world of Harry Potter, it's a replica of Gringott's Bank to store and save your golden galleons, silver sickles, and bronze knuts! Or, Canadian currency, whatever you've got!
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Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles

Original Star Wars Storybooks! $15 each! #starwars #local #childhood #shoplocal #ns
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Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles

Some SUPER hardcovers for $40! #comics #graphicnovels #superman #dccomics #local
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Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles

Some sweet systems in now!
Nintendo GameCube is $69.99 and comes with all the hookups, one controller and one memory card! PS1 is $29.99 and comes with all the hookups and one controller! #shoplocal #videogames #gamesystems #shopns #ns #shopsackville #novascotia #comicshopthings @ Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles
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